Magento BI FAQs

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What is the Data Import API?

The Data Import API (or just Import API) provides a simple way for RJMetrics customers to get data from various sources into RJMetrics. Once the data enters the Import API, it will become accessible through the RJMetrics data warehouse, just like a database connection.

How can I use the API?

To use the Import API, you need a paid RJMetrics account.

What type of data can I send?

We use it for systems monitoring, CRM analytics, syncing data from Google Drive, and plenty of other purposes.

Our customers use it to report on their helpdesks, shopping carts, ad platforms and more.

If it’s not in a database, the Import API is your best bet.

Who should use the Import API? Who shouldn’t?

Using the Import API requires a certain level of technical expertise. Someone comfortable writing and maintaining a small Ruby or PHP script will be more than qualified.

If the data in question is a medium to large data set (>10M rows), and in a database, it is likely better to set up a direct database connection.


I’m getting a 4xx error code, what do I do?

Check out the return code from your request, and double check your request’s validity. You are likely missing a required field, or you are using an invalid API key.

I’m getting a 5xx error code, what do I do?

You can try your request again. If the issue persists, please contacting RJMetrics support.


How secure is the API?

We store all of your data in a private cloud, and only connect via SSH. Each API key is totally independent of every other key, and can only push data, so if somebody gets their hands on your key, they won’t be able to access your data.

Given that, it is best not to send extremely sensitive data, like credit card numbers.

What happens if my API key is compromised?

Luckily, nobody can access data with your API key, they can only send it.

You can always request to disable an API key by contacting our support team.


RJMetrics is PCI level 4 compliant.